Junkie Sarte & Hexaquart

Jonestown/Lost Weekend

For our 2nd release, we have a special treat. Junkie Sartre and Hexaquart deliver 2 ethereal minimal but melodic tracks, which were taken from their volt of treasures. Ulrich Schnauss and Richard Davis have been releasing electronic music for some time now. Schnuass re-invented the shoe-gazer electronica connection, with his seminal releases under Domino and City Centre Offices. Davis kept releasing intense and interesting tunes under labels like 220Volt and Kitty Yo. They released under this moniker for the labels like Force Tracks and Muller rec.

both tracks take a different approach to The Berlin minimalistic sound. One can still here massive bass lines and minimal beats, but there are also melodic elements which makes the EP quite unique.The EP reminds us works from artist such as Maurizio, Bioshrphere, MRI and Dub Taylors earlier work.Lost Weekend starts with vocals and crunchy beats, turns slowly into an ethereal affair with soft chords and pads filling the space. There is a slow development where a lot of sonic elements accumulate into a real treat of deep softness that caresses the ears. The kind of music that fits exactly to spring time. Jonestown starts with a different mood, its darker, the bass and beats are a bit more kicking. One can hear more chords pads and percussions with massive delay usage. Here also elements come and go,creating a pleasant sonic experience. When the strings and effects adds to make a sweet and sour tune. This is music made with alot of love to tiny small details that tickles the ear and stays interesting all the time.

Sample songs