Yair Etziony


Albion is the 3rd part of Mist in the corners trilogy by Yair Etziony, and the oldest known name of the British islands. Baltia was about techno without pulse, and Delphi was about dark minimal ambient, that was based on early Krautrock motifs. Albion takes a different approach, its a melodic album; the drones and textures of previous albums move a side and make place to a heavy dose of melodic elements. Albion deals with cultural colonialism and the exchange of knowledge. It follows ideas that came from Krautrock in 70s and manifested in some genres that were started in the United Kingdom in the 80s\90s. Like Baltia and Delphi, Albion deals with Etziony’s past, focusing on his memories from 80s\90s, and than blending them to create a new narrative that never really happened.

Yair Etziony is one of Israel’s key artists in electronic music with releases on labels such as: Neo Ouija, Spekk, Mille Plateaux and many others. For Albion Etziony used analog and digital techniques and many old school synths such as: Roland SH-101, Roland Juno 6, Korg MS 20 and many more. The album was pre-mastered in Anova studios and was recorded with tape machine.

All tracks were written and produced by Yair Etziony at the False Industries studios Tel Aviv 2015.

Additional mixing by Shimon Tal & Yair Etziony, at Anova studios Tel Aviv.
Mastering by Manes at Salz-mastering.
Artwork by Tuvia Kudashevitz
Distributed by: Word and Sound Digital

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