Retarded Memory

The 12th release on False Industries is a trippy psychedelic album that fuses industrial music with shamanic atmospheres. If David Lynch ever made a movie that took place in suburban Israel, this album would be the perfect soundtrack for it.

MooMs Retarded Memory was for me a lost gem. Self released a couple of years ago, it got lost in the endless noise which is the music industry of our time. I first learned about it when Barry Berko, the guitar player in my band Farthest South, insisted that I give it a try. Nitzan sent me the files and while listening to it for the first time I knew right away that I wanted to re-release Retarded Memory on False Industries. It might not be an obvious choice, but its essence fits my vision for the label.

Imagine a shamanic ritual which takes place on a full moon night, somewhere in the heart of Kfar Saba (a perfect example of Suburbia, Israel); spirits of the arcane haunt the weary streets and old shops. Previously inanimate show room exhibits awake with a life of their own, and old Indians sitting in an abandoned bus station wait for the morning to arrive.

True to the duo's basic concept of creating an album which is free of form, Retarded is a spontaneous live session by two artists who set out to create an uncompromising recording through their personal search for new sounds, new ideas and new modes of self expression. The result is a unique document which fuses a wide range of influences, from Folk to Industrial music, from mood-setting film scores to Musique Concrete.

Artwork by the mighty Tuvia Kudashevich

Sample songs