Gain Stage

Forking Paths

The 11th release on False Industries is a concise and self-sufficient release with a unique sonic pallet. Welcome to the world of Gain Stage.

I first met Arik Hayut (aka Aritape) over a year ago at a show by his old band RIR (a classic band from the 90s with which I hadn't been familiar). It was an excellent performance after which I felt that I had to speak with him. A couple of weeks later I was sent three mp3 files, which were named Forking Paths (a collaboration with American Artist Pierce Warnecke). I immediately fell in love with the music; it sounded so rich with sound and full of emotion. From processed drums to washing drones, it never tried to be something it isn't.

Gain Stage make economical music; they use very specific yet elaborate sounds. They actually create a vast new universe, which is natural and un-natural all at once. One may see this release as a 3 tune EP, yet at its core it's one holistic entity. Fans of artists such as: Alva Noto, Frank Brettschneider and Kevin Drumm, should seriously consider checking this out.

Gain Stage is a post human barren waste-land-scape punctuated by recurring angular concrete structures. Almost regular pulses develop or erode over a grim dystopian horizon. This defective heartbeat, comprised of glass shards, rusted iron and split cement, drives forward through dense layers of sludge which stretch out over vast expanses of desolate space that might have once been home to life, love and the pursuit of material happiness.

Gain Stage is a Berlin-based duo comprised of Aritape and Pierce Warnecke.

Artwork by the mighty Tuvia Kudashevich
Mastered by Manes@Salz Mastering

Sample songs