Displaced Acts of (Un)Related Causality

The 7th release on False Industries, is a subtle affair of Electro-Acoustic affair, evolving modular synthesizer, field recordings, processed guitar and lush sound of Fender Rhodes. Welcome to the dreamland that Felto created, we hope you will enjoy your time.

Feltro is Andre Goncalves solo moniker. Feltro makes use of analogue synthesizers, laptop, guitar and several other electronics to create tender textural landscapes. Feltro performances are rather rare, sparse and irregular in content. This is Feltro 3rd release, following “Sunburnt” (Test Tube) and “Intermission” (Cronica Electronica) Andre Goncalves (PT) works and lives in pleasantly sunny Lisbon,Portugal. Currently a PhD Researcher in Science and Technology of the Arts at UCP, Oporto, works across the fields of visual arts, music, video, installation and performance. He has been awarded with an Honorary Mention at Digital Languages Category in FILE Prix Lux 2010, Sao Paulo and was a finalist in the Performance category for the Celeste Prize 2010, New York. His works have been presented in several galleries and festivals such as Nam June Paik Art Center, Seoul; Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York; FILE, Sao Paulo; Offload Festival, Bristol; Steim, Amsterdam; ICA, London; Pixelache Festival, Helsinqui; Todays Art Festival, Den Haag; Ura! Gallery, Istanbul; La Casa Encendida, Madrid; L'Antic Teatre, Barcelona; La Laboral, Gijón; Museu Vostell Malpartida, Caceres; Serralves Foundation, Oporto; Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon.

His discography, among others, includes releases on the labels Winds Measure (US), Transacoustic Research (AT), Cherry Music (JP), Effervescence(FR), Grain of Sound, Cronica Electronica and Sirr (PT). His music work, solo or in collective projects, include more than 15 editions in several recording labels under the names: Ok.suitcase, In Her Space, Stapletape, Iodo, ltthwhasp, Sound Asleep, Safe and Sound. He’s also the creator and inventor behind the analog modular synthesizer brand ADDAC System - Instruments of Sonic Expression. The release is a one piece composition, thats starts in a pastoral way. Feltro builds this composition into an economical structure, its all about evolution and delicate changes. The release starts with a drone, Slowly field recordings and guitar crackles are starting to accumulate. Some times the lister will be attacked by fast distortion passages, but most of the time, Feltro creates dense yet calm textures and melodies that takes the listener into his own domain of dream like ilusion, Fragments of lost memories while resting in nature. This is not an cold intelectual affair, its warm and full of dense emotions. This release bring to mind such works as : Endless Summer by Fennesz ,Williams Basisnki, and Brian Eno's ambient works.

Credit : Andre Goncalves (custom analog modular synthesizer, guitar, field recordings) Special Guest: Pedro Boavida (Fender Rhodes) Artwork design by Tuvia Kudashevitz. Mastering by Feltro.

Sample songs