Safe & Sorry

Everything turned into nothing

Its better to be safe than sorry, is something that you say which means it is best not to take risks even if it seems boring or hard work to be careful. Safe & Sorry thinks that being safe all the time will make you sorry later for all the missed opportunities. Its a very unique debut EP that fuses 80s vibe with italo disco, early 90s trance and the pulse of the cosmic Krautrock movement of the 70s. Safe & Sorry are all about bringing the spiritual side of new age or cosmic music to the dance floors of the 21th century. Consistent of 3 tunes with heavy arpegiator baselines, deep 80s stabs and some killer old school drum programming, we know those tunes can change the mood on any dance floor.

Fusing up old school analog synths, a plethora of old pedals, effects and drum machines, with state of the art digital tools, it seems that Safe & Sorry enjoys the best of both worlds. If you ever wondered how a collaboration between ABBA and Ashra might sound, look no further, this is the EP for you.

Artwork by the mighty Tuvia Kudashevich
Mastered by Manes at