Yair Etziony


Yair Etziony is back with his 2nd release on his Mist in the Corners trilogy. Delphi starts where Baltia ended, The beats that were so important to the structure and feeling of Baltia are replaced with desolate textures and shimmering harsh melodies.

Delphi is an album that deals with isolation and desolation. Its about the lost knowledge our society threw away, and its about the degradation of ideas in our time. All analog and electric instruments were processed and manipulated by software to give the album specific sound of decay and degradation. Its a trip into a past that (historically and musically) is perceived by the artist psych. Delphi is a two faced artwork; from one prospective its an ode to Tangerine Dream and their analog ambient works (think Zeit or Pheodra), 70-80s science fiction sound tracks (Jerry Goldsmith - Alien sound track comes to mind), and older more nosier works from Krautrock giants Cluster.

On the other hand, Etziony is using a digital modular system to create sounds that reminds newer works from artist such as Thomas Koner and Tim Hecker.

Yair Etziony Analog Synths\Electric Guitar\Digital Modular system\Electric Bass\Field Recordings.

Release date: 30 July 2014 via Words & Sound Digital
Artwork by Tuvia Kudashevich
Mastered by Manes at Salz-Mastering.com