Yair Etziony


Baltia is a new album by Israeli musician Yair Etziony. His first album Flawed was out in 2007 on the Tokyo based label Spekk and got a lot of good reviews back in 2007. In the years that followed, Yair was being quiet mainly running the False Industries label, brushing and learning new instruments and keeping himself busy playing with the psychedelic improvisation band Farthest South. Baltia is a mythological place; its an island that was mentioned in old Greek writing. It is located somewhere between Prussia and Jutland, very close to where the Baltic Sea is. Baltia is the first album in trilogy named Misty Corners, (Delphi and Albion will follow later in 2014) and it deals with the past, a very personal past. Yair was a dj playing deep techno for many years, and for him it was a chance to examine his past endeavors.

Baltia might sound like a dark techno album, but Etziony tried to keep the formula as reduced as possible. The pulse and beats which he sees as the heart of this genre are somewhere in the back, drones, textures, field recordings and tiny melodies take the center place. Loops of shimmering textures are sent into tubes, delays and reverb effects, adding a good amount of overtones to the mix. Known as an avid computer user, Yair changed the way he write music. He added new abilities and possibilities to his sonic pallet; Fender Precision Bass, Analog synths and digital plugins were used in production of Baltia Etziony is following the footsteps of pioneers such as Jeff Mills who defined techno as Futuristic and not Dance Floor.

Artwork by the mighty Tuvia Kudashevich
Mastered by Manes at Salz-Mastering.com